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Campus Safety Solutions for K-12

Trox offers the most complete IT asset management solution for education.

Track assets throughout their lifecycles with end-to-end School Asset Management

Every year, millions of dollars of IT assets go missing from K-12 schools. Not only do these losses impact already tight budgets, they can result in a loss of public trust.

With K-12 schools adopting education technology at an increasing rate, understanding how much IT assets cost throughout the lifecycle—from initial acquisition through maintenance and repair to disposal—can make all the difference in tight K-12 budgets.

Today’s cloud-based, mobile-friendly school asset management programs use barcodes or RFID tags to provide complete IT asset management through the life of IT assets.

Trox can help you better track and manage IT assets—and reduce costs—with a complete school asset management solution.

Why School Asset Management?

  • Better understand where existing assets are located at any point in time.
  • Know when to perform needed maintenance or repairs.
  • Provide greater predictability in budgeting and purchasing of new assets.
  • Maximize and manage existing contracts.
  • Provide complete visibility for and compliance with federal, state, and local mandates.

Chalk up the losses...


Adams 12 Five Star District (CO) — Four cases of tennis balls, a ball hopper and a tennis ball machine worth $1,300 reported missing, as well as a sub-woofer sound mixer and gas cans.1


Central Texas School District — Missing iPads, laptops, projectors, and desktops totalling $235,000.2


Denver Public Schools — Various lawn equipment, $2,000 in backflow equipment, 21 laptops, two video cameras, a phone, emergency radios, keys and a drill rifle reported missing.3

-121 iPads

Jefferson County Public Schools (CO) — 121 iPads, three surveillance cameras, a trimmer, and a backpack blower.4

-3,105 Devices

Los Angeles Unified School District — 230 devices stolen or missing, another 3,105 unaccounted for.5

-1,800 Computers

New York City Schools — More than 1,800 computers either missing or unaccounted for, and almost 400 unopened laptops and iPads in school closets.6

Help Alert

School Asset Manager

Trox's School Asset Manager (SAM) combines QR asset tagging, scanning, document and media storage, network management, and help-desk requests, enabling districts and schools to manage all of their fixed, mobile, hard and soft assets.

School Asset Manager uses the latest cloud and mobile technologies to deliver the only complete school asset management system.

School Asset Manager includes QR asset tagging, scanning, document and media storage, network management, helpdesk, and more—and can be easily tailored to meet your unique asset management needs. Streamline asset management and better control costs with maintenance schedules, compliance tracking, and reporting with School Asset Manager.

How Does It Work?

Add and tag
Easily add individual or multiple assets, and import assets from other systems or spreadsheets.
Scan and update
Simply update asset details by scanning QR codes
Record and report on any information you choose.

  • Manage assets – Create an accurate, up-to-date list of assets—from maintenance contracts to the fabric of the building—for simplified asset management.
  • Lower costs – Easily maintain existing assets, re-allocate under-used assets, and replace aging assets for cost-efficient lifecycle management.
  • Ensure compliance – Track assets that require statutory inspections or tests and set reminders for evidence-based compliance.
  • Streamline processes – Schedule tests and inspections, maintenance, and replacement for better workload and resource management.
  • Get visibility – Have needed data at your fingertips so you can protect your school in case of theft, disaster, or other disruptive event.
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