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Trox Recertified for Education sources high-quality desktops and laptops from brands like Dell and HP.

We Make the Grade: A+

Over the last two decades, Trox Recertified for Education has become a proven alternative for school IT buyers looking to save money and deploy more devices in the hands of more kids. Our recertified systems perform and last like new ones, are in excellent cosmetic condition, and have raised the bar for all other refurbishers in the market.

Deploy more devices to students with Trox Recertified

When buying IT for your school, think your only option is to buy new?
Even when buying recertified equipment, you still must consider a whole checklist of requirements. Your equipment must be custom built, loaded with a genuine operating system and include long warranties. It also needs to be provided to as many students as possible while not breaking your budget. That is why Trox Recertified for Education has been the sound choice of thousands of IT buyers across schools in the United States and Canada.

Trox is committed to sourcing high quality desktops and laptops from brands like Dell and HP. Our recertification process is rigorous and puts industry standards to the test. We bring the equipment to state-of-the-art facility and take it through a 16-step recertification process managed by certified technicians.

10,000 schools have bought Trox Recertified.
Here’s why:

Save Money

Recertified units are up to half of the price of brand new and you can even lease them for a 3-year of 4-year term.

Buy with Confidence

Our recertified devices are so reliable and predictable, that we even offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

With genuine licensing and a $0 Cost of Ownership Guarantee, we take care of shipping both ways and all repairs during the warranty period.

Protect Your Assets

With extended warranty coverage for up to five years and accidental damage warranty for mobile devices, we’ve got you covered.

Customize Your Device

Trox Recertified systems are fully configurable and can be custom imaged. Mobile devices can be branded with the logo of your choice.

Protect The Environment

By extending the lifespan of IT equipment, we are minimizing the use of harmful chemicals and diverting e-waste from the landfill.

Trox Recertified for Education
Tested and Trusted by Thousands of Schools

“I was initially hesitant to make the switch from buying new computers to buying recertified computers. I have a small tech department that services a large number of geographically separate schools and I could not afford any additional downtime or hassles. The company supplied reliable devices with a 3-year warranty and they also loaded a dozen different custom images and coordinated the shipments, so all units arrived within the same one-day window.”

- Network Administrator - Green Lake School Districts, WI

“We had never bought anything but new computers before purchasing refurbished desktops from Trox. Not only were we happy with the quality of the product, our account executive was super helpful during the process. Fast forward to the past couple of years and as we make the transition to 1 to 1, we have purchased thousands of units. I look forward to our continued working relationship in the future.”

- Technology Coordinator - Dexter Public Schools, MO

Trox Recertification Process

A rigorous process that restores every single unit to a like-new condition.
Trox Recertified devices are end of lease, high quality corporate-grade models from brands like Dell and HP. The recertification process is conducted in our 60,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility by certified technicians and is widely known in the industry as the best alternative to brand new. Every device goes through a rigorous 16-step test and audit process to ensure you receive the highest level of quality.

Before Purchase

Receiving - count, visual inspection, photos and serialize
Data destruction
Test batteries
Discovery and SKU assignment
Visual quality control

After Purchase

Picking (by serial number)
Painting and Detailing
Custom configuration
Custom imaging and Microsoft Licensing
Asset tagging
Custom Skins/UV Printing
Final Quality control
Shrink-wrap, Box and Ship

Trox Recertified versus Trox New

  Trox Recertified Trox New
Functionality/Performance Excellent Excellent
Cosmetics Excellent to Very Good Excellent
Industry-leading Processes Yes Yes
Price Up to 50% Less Full Price
Warranty 24-36 Months 12 Months or Less
Authorized by Microsoft/Google Yes Yes
Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day No
Included with Purchase Generic box, charging cable/adapter, online manual Manufacturer box, charging cable/adapter, online manual
Customer Support Yes Yes

Trox, your world-class refurbisher

We have earned Microsoft’s Millionaire Club Award for deploying over one million genuine Windows licenses to end users. Trox is one of only three Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers worldwide to earn this recognition.

Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers follow strict requirements to ensure you receive professionally refurbished computers preinstalled with genuine Microsoft software. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we recognize the challenges of managing end-of-life for technology devices in schools. Trust Trox to deploy, manage and retire your assets all while saving your school time and money.