Trox Protection Plans & Warranty

Your long-term warranty and protection provider

Trox warranties and protection plans are known as the most predictable and easiest to fulfill in the industry.

Our team goes above and beyond to protect your investment against unforeseen damage and ensures that you experience the best customer service possible.

Device protection for remote learning

Have you considered that sending devices into students’ homes may impact damage rate? It’s our experience that this can increase from 2-3% per year to as much as 20-25% once devices leave the school grounds.

We recommend taking out an Accidental Damage Protection plan to ensure your students always have a working device.

Choose the right coverage for your school

We work with you to create a protection plan that is tailored to your school’s device fleet and budget. We offer $0 deductible plans for new, used and recertified devices- even if you purchased them from a different supplier!

Here’s just a sample of how we can help:

  • Extended manufacturer warranty
  • Accidental damage warranty
  • Battery and AC adaptor coverage
  • With or without case coverage

$0 Cost of Ownership Guarantee

Trox warranties come with a $0 Cost of Ownership Guarantee. There is no additional cost to maintain your school’s fleet of devices.

We cover parts and shipping both ways, and we ensure that once you have the equipment, you will not pay to keep it running as long as it’s used in a reasonable manner.

Why Trust Trox Warranties?

  • World-class facilities – Our brand new, 40,000 sq. ft. Dallas facility, in addition to our partner facilities across the US, allows us to provide the fastest possible service.
  • OEM approved service partner – Rely on Trox certified technicians and our approved service partner status with all major manufacturers.
  • Save a fortune – Our new and recertified products are backed by a $0 Cost of Ownership Guarantee so that you don’t face any budget surprises when fulfilling warranty.
  • Enjoy stellar service – With a 94% satisfaction rate and 15 in-house customer service representatives, we are here to solve your issues and make your life easier.

Let us get you the details

Contact us today to see if your school qualifies.