Trox White Glove Services

Trox™ White Glove Services

Trox's Trox™ White Glove Services provide K-12 schools with hands-on digital classroom configuration services that make deployments easier, faster, and less costly.

Make deployments faster, easier... and less costly!

Our customized third-party configuration services, delivered through the Trox Provider Network, provide easier, faster, and less costly deployments—and keep your IT resources focused on the all-important job of keeping classrooms running smoothly.

You can expect our providers to be the best education technology partners around—and the ones you measure all other partner relationships against. Our solutions-oriented approach means that you’ll have a knowledgeable partner who can quickly craft solutions that enable you to get up and running fast.

Contact your Trox representative today to get our premium Trox™ White Glove service or call 1.855.TROX355.

Benefits to Trox™ White Glove Services

Understand and proactively identify any issues

Promote collaboration

Respond with expert, custom-crafted solutions

Execute the solutions described to you

Look for opportunities for improvement

Everything From Unboxing to Configuration!
  • unboxing
  • Asset Tagging
  • Chromebook Enrollment
  • PC Imaging
  • Configuration
  • Laser Etching/Engraving
  • Charge Cart Cabling
  • Device Population
  • Delivery
  • Serial Number Capture
  • Mac Address Capture
Ease the Burden. From delivery to configuration- Trox offers the premium Trox™ White Glove Service to all of our customers. Rest easy knowing you're in the right hands! Call Trox at 1.855.TROX355 or 770.676.8477 today!