Trox Professional Development

Trox™ Professional Development

Trox’s approach to training educators involves more than imparting technical expertise. We focus on developing a culture of continuous improvement in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere

Trust Trox to provide a personalized education technology training experience that instills confidence in teachers, staff and students.

As the nation’s leading end-to-end solution provider of education technology and collaborative solutions, Trox is your go-to partner for 21st Century Classroom design.

Whether you have a 1:1 initiative, using technology such as interactive response systems, collaborative tools, projectors, video equipment, sound and AV equipment or need to integrate your learning management system – Trox’s works with best in class manufactures that have robust professional development teams ready to provide onsite training on their product.

So, regardless of the technology you have or who it was purchased from, we’ll work closely with you to build a Trox™ Professional Development plan around your requirements. It is our goal to empower teachers to build active, student-centered learning environments by focusing on districts technology objectives and curriculum goals.

Professional Development Services

Trox™ Professional Development Services

What we offer

Trox helps drive greater education technology adoption and user confidence with Trox’s catalog of Trox™ Professional Development services for end-users and/or trainers. Delivered by a national network of top Trox™ Professional Development Consultants, these educational technology training services focus on classroom integration, lesson design using the technology, and best practices.

Our Approach

Trox offers a catalog of Trox™ Professional Development services that align around helping educators with the application and use of technology in their classroom. Unlike other organizations that spend their time with the on and off features, Trox believes the power of technology is found in the application of these tools in the teaching process.  Ultimately, technology should be transparent, and the teacher should be more productive as a result of the tool set provided in the classroom.  “Our purpose is to help accelerate learning through the application and use of technology.”

Our PD Consultants recognize that children learn from educators. We also recognize that educators who are well trained in the use of technology in the classroom are more effective.  With the pressure on our public and private education system to meet state and federal standards, our PD Consultants make every effort to tie their sessions into the standards of excellence for your school.

Trox™ Professional Development

Trox™ Professional Development focuses on classroom integration, lesson design using the technology, and best practices. Recommended class size is 15 participants maximum. A smaller class with computers maximizes the hands-on opportunities for attendees. We train end-users and/or trainers in the use of multiple interactive technologies such as, but not limited to, interactive projectors, interactive whiteboards and devices, document cameras, classroom response systems, tablets, one-to-one computing devices, classroom amplification, interactive software, and web-based products (e.g. Discovery Education, Google Apps, wikis, and more).

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