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  • Advanced YouTube filtering tools

  • Custom content tracking

  • Theft recovery features

  • Off-campus activity filtering

  • Access to powerful analytics



Chromebooks are a great way for teachers to engage with students and provide access to resources. But with that opportunity comes potential for students to stumble across harmful content or become distracted by videos, games, social media, and more.

With GoGuardian for Admins, not only are your students protected when they're online, but you'll also gain access to powerful analytics and data that can be used to improve learning.


GoGuardian makes YouTube filtering easy

YouTube is full of engaging and educational content perfect for teaching, but how do you make sure that your students only view videos that are appropriate? Let the GoGuardian YouTube Filter give you the power to decide what your students see with the press of a button.

Blocking access to YouTube used to be an all or nothing ordeal. Not anymore. With the GoGuardian YouTube Filter, you now have several ways to filter or block YouTube content quickly and easily for your school or district. Our robust whitelist and blacklist options allow you to customize your YouTube filtering by category, keyword, YouTube channel, or even direct video URL. Pick from a comprehensive list of categories to whitelist or blacklist or select specific keywords to flag as unsuitable for viewing. GoGuardian also allows you to effortlessly track what YouTube videos are accessed on each Chromebook, so you can adjust how and what you filter based on what your users and organizational units are searching. From setting restrictions on YouTube videos for individual classrooms to building a complete YouTube blacklist for an entire district, the GoGuardian YouTube Filter puts you in charge of what your students watch online.

Customizable filters - block or allow videos by category, keyword, channel or URL

Comprehensive tracking - see exactly what YouTube videos are watched by which user




Monitor suspicious content that might slip through the cracks

The internet is constantly growing and evolving; your Chromebook filtering software should be as well. GoGuardian's Flagged Activity feature searches every page viewed to help catch sites that may be missed by traditional filtering.

There are roughly 571 new websites created every minute, each one available for viewing by anyone with access to the internet. That's 571 new potential hazards every minute that traditional Chromebook filtering software doesn't account for. With GoGuardian's flagged activity feature, you no longer have to worry about the unknown. Using proprietary software techniques, GoGuardian searches through the content and meta data for every website visited on a monitored Chromebook to help catch inappropriate content that may slip past traditional blacklists and filters. Simply add keywords or terms to a list for monitoring, place severity levels for each word, and decide if you wish to be notified for each. Then come back at any time to see what accessed sites were flagged for inappropriate content and for what reason. View high-level lists of flagged sites for your entire organization or deep-dive into individual user activity to see exactly who was accessing the flagged content to help you better determine how to respond. GoGuardian also gives you the ability to easily add flagged sites to its blacklist or whitelist with just the click of a button, so you can improve your Chromebook filtering quickly based on your review.

Advanced content analysis - track inappropriate content on any website accessed using selected terms and keywords

Detailed activity tracking - see exactly what sites or user actions prompted a flagged alert and take action quickly




GoGuardian helps recover your lost or stolen Chromebooks

Chromebook theft is a real and unfortunate issue for school districts. With GoGuardian's Theft Recovery features for Chromebooks, you'll never have to worry about losing a Chromebook again.

School districts are investing real money into building up their Chromebook fleets for use in their classrooms and at home. Unfortunately, as more districts turn to this mobile technology, the risk of Chromebook theft in schools will continue to rise. GoGuardian has aimed to stop Chromebook theft by introducing the first and only comprehensive Chromebook Theft Recovery features for schools.

How It Works

Administrators with full administrative privileges in Google Apps can move particular stolen devices into Theft Recovery mode. From there, our Theft Recovery software starts to collect data to help you track your stolen Chromebook. Using advanced geolocation techniques, GoGuardian will pinpoint the location of your stolen Chromebook on a map for easy reporting to authorities. In addition, the GoGuardian's software will take screenshots of webpages in order to help capture the identity of the criminal.

Advanced Chromebook tracking - location data using HTML5 geolocation and screenshots of pages visited




Off-campus filtering for your school's Chromebooks

Your student's learning doesn't end in the classroom and neither should your Chromebook's protection. GoGuardian actively filters and monitors student activity both in the classroom and at home.

Even after class, students still need access to the best learning tools for their education. With GoGuardian, your school's Chromebooks don't have to remain locked up on campus. Using Google's Admin Console and Chrome OS, GoGuardian is able to offer its complete Chromebook filtering and monitoring software wherever the device may be. From filtering YouTube videos by keywords to blacklisting entire websites via GoGuardian's CIPA compliant categories list, teachers and administrators never have to worry about how students are using their Chromebooks outside of the classroom. Monitor entire organizational unit search and web activity or filter down to individual users to see exactly what they have been viewing and when. With GoGuardian's Theft Recovery and geolocation features, you can also rest assured that your school's Chromebooks are safe and recoverable no matter where they are taken. Give parents peace of mind and your students a healthy and controlled online learning experience with GoGuardian's at-home internet filtering and Chromebook monitoring features.

Global Chromebook monitoring - monitor and filter Chromebook activity wherever the device may be located

Remote authorization - set up or adjust GoGuardian settings for any Chromebook from anywhere

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