Help Alert

Help Alert

Troxell is the largest reseller of Help Alert Emergency Response solution, a real-time locating system that provides students, their parents, and your staff with the peace of mind that, if needed, help is on the way with the touch of a button.

The Help Alert mobile Panic Button and wireless Mass Notification Solution instantly alerts the appropriate resources for faster, more agile responses to teachers and staff in need.

Today’s schools remain relatively safe. Yet risks do arise—disruptive behaviors, bullying and other violence, playground injuries, and more—that call for a time-critical response.

With a single click the mobile panic button alerts security to teachers and staff in need while wireless mass notification allows those under extreme duress to notify not only security but everyone in the building that a major situation is underway AND triggers all pendands to report their location.

Help right where you need it... within reach!

Help Alert pendants can be pinned to garments, clipped on belts, or placed into pockets, allowing teachers and staff to instantly and discreetly call for help just by pressing a button. Silent alarms keep potentially threatening situations from escalating, and teachers and staff can easily escalate the type of help needed—from administrators and school resource officers to emergency responders—as the situation warrants.

Location-aware tracking for faster response!

Once a teacher or staff member activates the Help Alert pendant, their location is quickly pinpointed via your WiFi or WLAN infrastructure and communicated to the Help Alert app. As the teacher or staff member moves from place to place, Help Alert tracks their movements to ensure that security officers and first responders know exactly where to go.

Complete integration... and situational awareness!

Help Alert easily integrates into your existing WiFi or WLAN environment and requires no additional cabling, wiring, or new builds. Plus, it integrates with your video security system for more complete situational awareness. A simple setup and deployment and support for multiple desktop and mobile devices ensures that staff and teachers can immediately get the help they need in urgent situations.

Use Help Alert for immediate assistance with:

Playground and school accidents
Verbal or behavioral disruptions
Bullying, fighting, and other violent situations
Seizures and other medical issues
Unauthorized persons on school property


Multi-mode alarms – Discreetly allows users to escalate the response required—from school resource officers to local first responders—as the situation warrants.

PinPoint® Locating Technology – Pinpoints users’ locations, and then tracks them as they move from place to place.

Video integration – Integrates with existing video camera systems for complete visibility into duress situations.

Management alerts – Alerts to low battery conditions in pendants or potential system failure to ensure continuous operation.

Always-active service – Operates silently in the background and cannot be shut down to ensure alerts are always received and acknowledged.

Universal device support – Run in HTML 5, ensuring support for all devices running the Help Alert app—including desktops and iOS- or Android-powered mobile devices.


Provides a safer learning environment for students, teachers, and staff – Mobilize assistance faster and before situations escalate to keep the focus on education and learning.

Gives staff, teachers, and administrators added peace of mind – Directs help where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and from the right resources with a simple, silent pendant.

Keeps potentially violent situations from escalating – Provides a simple button that can be discreetly pressed to alert school resource officers and other officials to potential threats.

Allows school-level and district-level visibility – Keep both school and district administrators in the know with alert notifications and reporting.

Delivers fast setup/deployment into existing infrastructure – Deploys quickly and easily with existing WiFi or WLAN infrastructure—no added cabling, wiring, or new builds needed.

Help Alert allows you to:

  • Discreetly mobilize assistance from school or community resources with the press of a button.
  • Provide a safer learning environment for students, teachers, and staff.
  • Keep potentially violent or medical emergency situations from escalating.
  • Cut response time by directing the right resources to the exact location where help is needed.
  • Keep school and district administrators in the know with school-level and district-level visibility.
  • Quickly set up and deploy Help Alert right into existing WiFi or WLAN infrastructures.
Ask Troxell to add Help Alert to your school’s safety program today. Our solutions and services expertise can help ensure added peace of mind and a safer, more productive learning environment.