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Replacement Lamp for Hitachi, 3M and Elmo Projectors

Compatible with the following projector brands:

  • 3M
  • Elmo
  • Boxlight
  • Hitachi
  • Dukane
  • Liesegang
  • ViewSonic


(see product description below for compatible projector model numbers)


Replacement Lamp for Hitachi, 3M and Elmo Projectors

This new replacement front projector lamp DT00521-ER from eReplacements is 100% compatible with your dt00521er lamp compatible and has an estimated lamp lifetime of approximately 2,000 hours. This lamp is user replaceable. Refer to your projector’s manual for replacement instructions for this lamp. eReplacements front projector lamps all come with a 90 day warranty and will meet or exceed the original dt00521er lamp compatible lamp specifications because they are manufactured for high performance using top quality replacement bulbs and the most up to date safety and engineering control standards.

  • Brand new high quality replacement bulb manufactured in ISO 9000 factories
  • Plastic housing engineered to perfectly fit into your projector
  • Internal safety features protect your device from electrical hazards


Compatible with:

3M MP 7640i 3M MP 7650 3M MP 7740i
3M MP 7740iA 3M MP 7750 3M MP S40
3M MP S50 3M S 40 3M S 50
3M X 40 3M X 40i 3M X 50
Boxlight CP 322i Boxlight CP 322ia Boxlight CP 634i
Dukane Image Pro 8046 Dukane Image Pro 8049B Dukane Image Pro 8062
Dukane Image Pro 8751 Dukane Image Pro 8755B ELMO EDP 2600
Hitachi CP -HS1050 Hitachi CP -HS1090 Hitachi CP -HX1080
Hitachi CP -X275W Hitachi CP -X275WA Hitachi CP -X275WT
Hitachi CP CP-HS1000 Hitachi CP CP-S225 Hitachi CP CP-S225W
Hitachi CP CP-S225WAT Hitachi CP CP-S225WT Hitachi CP HS1050
Hitachi CP HS1060 Hitachi CP HS1090 Hitachi CP HX1050
Hitachi CP HX1060 Hitachi CP HX1080 Hitachi CP HX1090
Hitachi CP HX1095 Hitachi CP HX1098 Hitachi CP S225A
Hitachi CP S225AT Hitachi CP S317 Hitachi CP S3170
Hitachi CP S317W Hitachi CP S318 Hitachi CP S318W
Hitachi CP S318WT Hitachi CP S327 Hitachi CP S327W
Hitachi CP S328 Hitachi CP S328W Hitachi CP S328WT
Hitachi CP X275 Hitachi CP X275W Hitachi CP X275WA
Hitachi CP X275WT Hitachi CP X327 Hitachi CP X327OA
Hitachi CP X327W Hitachi CP X328 Hitachi CP X328W
Hitachi ED S3170 Hitachi ED S3170A Hitachi ED S3170AT
Hitachi ED S3170W Hitachi ED S317A Hitachi ED S317B
Hitachi ED X3250AT Hitachi ED X3270 Hitachi ED X3270A
Hitachi ED X3280 Liesegang DV 2102 Liesegang DV 245
Liesegang DV 255 Liesegang DV 345 Liesegang DV 345A
Liesegang DV 425 Liesegang DV 455 ViewSonic PJ 500
ViewSonic PJ 500-1 ViewSonic PJ 500-2 ViewSonic PJ 501
ViewSonic PJ 520 ViewSonic PJ 550 ViewSonic PJ 550-1
ViewSonic PJ 550-2 ViewSonic PJ 551 ViewSonic PJ 551-1
ViewSonic PJ 560 ViewSonic PJ 650 ViewSonic PJ500 1
ViewSonic PJ500 2 ViewSonic PJ550 1 ViewSonic PJ550 2
ViewSonic PJ551 1    




Watts 150 W
UPC: 842740039342
More Information
Brand eReplacements
Model Number DT00511-ER
Troxell SKU ERE EREDT00511ER
Discontinued No
Accessory Type Lamp - Recycled (non-OEM)
Warranty 90 days
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