COLLABORATIVE Learning Spaces • STEM/STEAM & Makerspace EKV-250B KOOV is the all-in-one coding, robotics, and design educational solution with everything needed to start building robots and make them move with code. • Build using colorful KOOV blocks while developing spatial awareness skills. • Add sensors, motors, LEDs, and more for an almost limitless robotic combinations. • Make robots come alive with drag and drop Scratch based coding using the KOOV App1. • 50+ hour educational course focusing on coding, robotics, engineering, and design. • 43 pre-designed, pre-coded ‘Robot Recipes’ designed in Tokyo by some of Sony’s best designers. Sony KOOV EDUCATOR KIT PCSTUDIO-11, PCSTUDIO-105, PCSTUDIO-97 Transform your iPad into a video production studio. Includes the Padcaster Case, Teleprompter, Green Screen, two Lenses, three Microphones, Tripod, Dolly Wheels, Sunshade and Backpack. • All-in-one video production studio for the iPad • Includes portable green screen and stand • Professional audio capture with three microphones • Free teleprompter app and Bluetooth remote • Fits into the included backpack Padcaster STUDIO SOUNDTRAP EDU Soundtrap EDU is an online tool that enables teachers to follow the latest curriculums through music, podcasts, language, literacy training and other sound recordings. • Creative environment in which students can collaborate and develop their own creative and communication skills • Easy to use for both teachers and students of all levels • Comes with an extensive collection of PRO quality loops, effects and software instruments • Designed to work on virtually any device - both mobile and desktop • Makes classrooms digital through its integration with multiple LMS’s like Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology and Music First Soundtrap SOUNDTRAP EDU FINCHKIT Designed at Carnegie Mellon University, the Finch is a robot that inspires and delights students learning computer science by providing them a tangible representation of their code. • Bring hands-on learning into your classroom with physical computing • Designed to allow students to write richly interactive programs • Young students build measurement skills & older students expand their abilities to create algorithms • Responds to light, temperature, and obstacles, among many other capabilities BirdBrain Technologies FINCH ROBOT Introducing the next generation of the Hummingbird Robotics Kit! The Hummingbird Bit provides new features for your robot creations at a lower cost. • Available in 3 sizes: small (8-12 students), medium (16-24 students), and large (24-36 students) • Create interdisciplinary projects in any content area • Research on any topic, in any subject, can lead to exciting robotics design challenges • A great way to introduce kids to robotics and engineering with construction materials that they are already familiar with BirdBrain Technologies HUMMINGBIRD BIT CLASSROOM BUNDLE 99808 Targets users age 8+, Airblock is a modular 2-in-1 drone and hovercraft. With 6 independent propeller modules, Airblock can fly in the air, or run on land or water. After building, users can control the drone via the Makeblock app and also code the virtual buttons with block-based programming. • Modular and transformable • Easy magnetic assembly • Control and program in one app, easy to control and Program • Can be paired with a remote control Makeblock AIRBLOCK P1010045 Targets users age 8+, mBot-S is an entry-level educational robot kit. After easy assembling, users can control the robot or play games via mobile apps, or write code with software mBlock 5. • One LED matrix is added to the original mBot as another visual output channel to show words or shapes • Increase the fun of learning to code and keep students engaged compared to pure software-based coding • Simple enough to build for kids 8 years old and above and to follow the tutorials in the app to learn coding • Additional add-on packs extend the excitement of learning with mBot-S Makeblock MBOT-S P1030024 Codey Rocky is a Powerful,cute-looking robot with variety of built-in programmable components, which Students can learn block- based programming to text-based (Python) programming with software mBlock 5. • Over 10 built-in programmable modules enable limitless creation • Easy to learn from block-based programming to Python programming • support AI and IOT • Compatible with Makeblock Neuron and LEGO • A host of coding examples are available to spark new ideas Makeblock CODEY ROCKY ROBOT