ask / ask / Def. say something in order to obtain an answer or information. en·gage / inˈɡāj,enˈɡāj / Def. occupy, attract, or involve someone’s interest or attention. K - 1 2 E D U C A T I O N T E C H N O L O G Y S O L U T I O N S Kids ask about 10,000 questions per year... According to a Harvard researcher, children ask about 10,000 questions per year before they enter school. Yet, as soon as they enter preschool, these once curious children ask fewer questions and the rate of asking questions declines precipitously over the course of their education. 1 Given these numbers, perhaps the most important role educators can play is to help students ask questions for it is only by asking questions that real learning can occur. Having a curious mind becomes infinitely more important as graduates enter the 21st century workplace. When they’ve learned to ask questions, these future leaders can engage with the people and resources needed to solve problems. After all, the ability to creatively solve the world’s biggest problems starts by asking the right questions. HOW CAN YOU HELP STUDENTS? Start by understanding how today’s educational technology solutions can help you engage the curious mind—and prepare students for the 21st century workplace. 1 “Cultivating Curiosity by Deliberately Teaching Students How to Ask Questions,” EdWeek.org, 10/07/2016. Technology Solutions to Engage the Curious Mind As a national leader in education technology solutions, Trox offers a full range of today’s leading brands to help you engage curious minds. Our thoughtful account executives ask questions to help pinpoint your goals and needs, and then find the right solutions while upholding your budget and timelines. We also offer a full range of services to help get your learning initiatives off the ground, and ensure that educators have the professional development needed to feel confident with new technologies in the classroom. You may also opt for our personalized White Glove service that allows you to choose from a full menu—from delivery and unpacking to software updates, installation, and asset management—to get the services you require. ENGAGE WITH TROX Education technology to help stretch the curious mind. A one-stop shop for all your education technology needs. The leader in complete technology solutions for the K-12market. Leading technology providers through our long- standing relationships. National/regional/local contracts and an easy purchasing process.