1946 Jean & Jim Troxell Supply Co. was formed 1950s 16mm and slide projectors 1960s Rotary tray slide and overhead projectors 1970s Pong, VCRs, Apple computers, and Atari systems 1980s Portable camcorders, IBM PCs, Sony Walkmans, cellphones, laser discs, Apple Macintosh, Nintendos, CDs, document cameras 1983 Company incorporated as Troxell Communications 1990s LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, DVDs, DLP projectors, large flat panels, Blackberry devices 1997 Name changed to Troxell Communications, Inc. 2000s USB flash drives, DVR/Tivo, iPods, Blu-ray, iPhones, STEM 2010s STEAM, Chromebooks, interactive projectors, 4K products, virtual reality, artificial intelligence 2017 Company rebranded as Troxell Solutions to reflect its full-fledged AV and education technology solutions for K-12 2018 Troxell Solutions emerges as a leader in audio-visual equipment and education technology solutions 2019 Troxell joins with CDI to become Trox an Education Technology Solutions Powerhouse. We’ve grown and evolved through the years, but AV has remained the heart of what we do. K - 1 2 E D U C A T I O N T E C H N O L O G Y S O L U T I O N S Today’s next-generation, multi-function AV gear is transforming the learning process, giving every child a front row seat and bringing ease and simplicity to classroom collaboration. Investing in the latest projectors, large-format displays, audio equipment, and document cameras paves the way for real learning. Document cameras bring science and creativity to life in STEM and makerspace areas, while lamp-free projectors and large-format displays deliver laser-focused presentations to one, some, or many. Add a little audio for even more compelling classroom engagement. What’s more, AV gear is not only found in every modern classroom, it’s the foundation of every modern classroom. And it’s the foundation of our company. Starting in 1946, Trox built its reputation on the leading AV equipment of the era. Today, we’re the leading U.S. supplier of AV gear to K-12 schools and districts. es·sen·tial / əˈsen(t)SHəl / Def. absolutely necessary; extremely important.