Select the right AV gear to put students in the front row. CHOOSE IT Choosing the right AV equipment for your classrooms, auditoriums, arenas and more can quickly become a confusing mix of technology specs. Our valued relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, as well as our local Trox Account Executives across the nation, stand ready to help you navigate the latest AV technologies with ease. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs, and then match those needs with leading AV gear that expands opportunities for learning and collaboration. We’ll also ensure your project meets your deadlines and stays within budget. Projectors Today’s next-generation projectors transform the classroom experience from staid and stuck to vital and digital. Easy-to-use and easy-to-connect, these projectors offer a full interactive experience by allowing you to stream video, collaborate with other classrooms— even engage students with another culture or language. DLP, 3LCD and laser projectors also deliver crisp, clear images—regardless of size or space—putting every student in the front row. BenQ | Casio | Epson | MAXELL | NEC | Panasonic | Sony Large-Format Displays Interactive and non-interactive flat panels have become the norm in today’s classrooms, enhancing the learning experience and conserving real-estate once dominated strictly by blackboards and interactive whiteboards. These panels allow you to dynamically interact with your curriculum and students, while keeping digital resources at your fingertips. And they’re as simple to use as a tablet, giving you and your students an instant level of comfort. Image quality stays consistent for clear, concise lessons that put students at the head of the class. AVer | BenQ | Clear Touch | LG | NEC | Newline Promethean | Sharp | ViewSonic Audio Deliver lessons aurally with the latest in audio technologies or set up a listening center for groups of students. Even amplify presentations and rock the latest student production. Trox provides many options for audio, including assisted-listening devices, classroom amplification systems, portable sound systems, and audio players and recorders, as well as individual components and accessories. Anchor Audio | ELMO | FrontRow | Listen Technologies | Teachlogic Document Cameras These classroom workhorses can easily replace overhead projectors, scanners, digital cameras, easels, and other aging tools. Project 2D, 3D and other objects onto the big screen, write comments and notes, capture and save audio and video content, zoom in for a closer look and more. You can even bring science experiments to life, model expectations, solve math problems and manage classrooms through this wireless technology. The sky really isn’t even a limit anymore. AVer | ELMO | Lumens If customers need help installing, configuring or becoming familiar with AV equipment, they can check out our Services page or ask us to recommend a solution.