Trox Leasing

Relieve budget concerns with flexible leasing options

Stretch your budget and buying power with our flexible Trox Leasing.

Trox leasing options are ideal for those times when you need to upgrade or replace aging equipment but can’t afford to pay with cash. Our plans include some of the best rates around, including creative funding sources and device buybacks.

Why You Should Consider Trox Leasing

Competitive Pricing

Our high national volume gives us access to low financing rates exclusively for publicly funded schools.

Experienced, Responsive Trox Account Managers

You’ll be assigned a specially trained Trox Account Manager and large backup team with proven school expertise. Fewer problems. Less hassle. Nice, huh?

Full, Unfettered Support

We’ll walk you through every step from planning to equipment and solutions acquisition. We’ll even help you efficiently retire aging equipment.

Two-Way Trust

We trust educators implicitly and our dealings with you show it. Trox warranties are the most transparent and most predictable in the industry.

Leasing with Built-in Flexibility

Our leases conform to your needs. If that means a three or four year term (to stretch your payments), we’re happy to set that up for you.

Future IT Planning and Fleet Refresh

Our experienced Account Managers can help you plan well in advance for future product replacement and asset management.

How to Lease with Trox

  • Contact your account manager who will connect you with our resident expert on leasing
  • Lay out your school’s needs and expected timeline
  • Receive viable financing options and a preliminary quote
  • Approve Trox Leasing proposal
  • Credit review
  • Kick start your IT Leasing program

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