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Elevate the way you connect and collaborate. An interactive display combines high-quality advanced technology with a familiar user experience to enrich presentations, meetings, and lessons.

Clevertouch Interactive DisplaysClevertouch Interactive Displays
Clevertouch Interactive DisplaysClevertouch Interactive Displays

Innovation by design

With over a decade of innovation, Clevertouch multi-award-winning touchscreens are designed for ease-of-use, security, and adaptability. With sizes ranging from 55" to 86", PC or tablet-mode options, and a stunningly clear 4K resolution, all backed up with a five-year warranty and the lowest failure rate on the market, Clevertouch range of interactive displays are the ideal choice, whatever your budget.


Everything you will ever need – and more

All the apps you need are included at no extra cost and with no ongoing subscriptions. Clevershare allows you to mirror content from your phone, laptop, or tablet onto the interactive display. ClevertouchLive transforms your screen into a digital signage display, sharing dynamic content at timed intervals or when the screen is not in use. Cloud-based LYNX Whiteboard creates activities and presentations from multiple sources giving you the freedom to work from anywhere.

Surgically Clean Air Filters
JADE Air Purification System

Creating safe learning environments is more important than ever. As schools return to in-person instruction, many are looking to air filtering to protect students and staff.

Take advantage of these ECF-eligible technology and services

Which Display is Right For You?



UX Pro Gen 2

IMPACT Plus™ Gen 2


Recommended For Enterprise, Higher Education Education All
Screen Sizes 55", 65", 75", 86" 55", 65", 75", 86" 65", 75", 86"
NEW Internal Storage 64GB 64GB 32GB
4K UHD (3840x2160 @60Hz)
Tempered Glass - Mohs Level 7
High Precision Technology™
20 Continuous Touch Points
Finger, Gesture & Pen
Simultaneous Writing
LYNX Whiteboard, Cleverstore, Snowflake
Ink-In Tools Via LYNX
Dual Recognition Stylus
Palm Rejection
Annotate Over Any Source
Classroom Essential Apps: Includes Whiteboard, Annotate, Timer, Media Players, Browser, Pdf Reader, Screen Record, Spinner, Voting, Maths Tools
Compatible With Windows 7 To 10, Windows XP, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome
NEW Android 9 4K Chipset  
NEW LUX 9 Powered By Android 9  
2 X 15 Watt Speakers
NEW Front-Facing Speakers  
Super Wide Sound Subwoofer (45w)  
NEW 6 Array Microphone
OPS Intel PC Slot
NEW Zero Bonding  
Front-mounted USB-A  
NEW 1x USB-C with video, audio, touch, power and hardware optimization – side-mounted
NEW 1x USB-C with video, audio, touch, power and hardware optimization and ethernet – front-mounted  
NFC Sensor (via optional extra hardware)
NEW Environmental Sensors (via optional Intelligent Camera)  
NEW 4K Camera with swivel view (via optional Intelligent Camera)  
Motion Sensor  
NEW Ambient Light Sensor  
Clevershare Hardware Integrated
True 4K User Interface  
Super Cool Stylus  

Stages of Air Purification


  • Particulates
  • Ultra-fine particulates


  • Gases
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


  • Viruses
  • Bacteria


  • Negative ions

Benefits of Ownership

  • Portable design — Easily purify the air in any size room
  • Unobtrusive motor is whisper quiet — About the same as a standard household dishwasher
  • Low total cost of ownership — Inexpensive and easy to maintain
  • Robust technology — Multiple stages of purification that filter, sterilize and re-energize indoor air

Above and Beyond Services

SHIELDSM Protection Program

  • Coverage from 1 – 4 years
  • Accidental damage repair
  • Extended manufacturer warranty
  • Battery and power replacement program

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White Glove

  • Unboxing
  • Asset tagging
  • Chromebook enrollment
  • Configuration

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