Charging Solutions

Charging carts are a classroom essential for appropriate social distancing and secure storage.

Trox has deployed over 28,000 smart charging carts and cabinets to schools in the U.S. and Canada. Our carts are custom-designed for use in classroom environments. Large casters enable mobility which is key in supporting hybrid learning. They go where you need them to!

Built sturdy to stand up to daily student use, Trox smart carts are an ideal choice! Check out our family of smart carts!


SCUV30 UV-C Light Charging Cart

With millions of students taking part in remote and hybrid learning, it’s critical that your school has devices ready to go, and that they’re sanitized between use.

The Trox SCUV30 UV-C Charge Cart is designed to disinfect, store and charge your devices in one compact package!

SC33 Smart Charging Cart

The Trox SC33 smart charging cart is ideal for larger classrooms. The unit is practical and compact, with slide-out shelves that make placing and removing devices easier and safer.

Holding up to 33 devices, the S33 uses the latest smart charge technology to ensure the quickest charge possible.

EC32S Economy Charging Cart

Looking for a simple, cost effective smart charging cart that can store and charge a variety of devices without breaking the bank? The Trox EC32S Economy Charging Cart is designed for effciency in the classroom and for cost.

It’s safe, secure and simple. Just plug it in and charge up to 32 devices simultaneously.

CC14 Charging Cabinet

The Trox CC14 Charging Cabinet is specifically designed for use in K-12 schools. Its user-friendly, compact design takes up little space while securely storing and charging up to 14 devices at a time.