Case Study
Laveen Elementary School District
Southwest Phoenix, Arizona

Laveen Elementary School District deploys 3,000 Chromebooks and charging cart fleet ready for student use


Needed to purchase and deploy Chromebooks to meet its 1:1 goals, but the district’s IT team had its hands full outfitting a brand new school.


2,920 Chromebooks with Trox’s White Glove service


“Troxell [Trox] had the right solution for us at the right price and has been an invaluable partner. They truly provided us with out-of-the-box deployment of our Chromebooks that saved us time and money.”

The Laveen Elementary School District (ESD) in Laveen, AZ operates eight schools, serving about 7,800 K-8 students. For Laveen ESD, preparing students to solve new types of problems in a global world requires a new emphasis on critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity skills. To help meet this challenge, they placed an initial order for Chromebooks and charging carts with Trox. It took Laveen ESD’s technical support team the entire summer to roll out these devices.

So when voters passed a bond issue in 2015, Laveen ESD eagerly wanted to expand its initiative by moving from one Chromebook for every two students to a true 1:1 program. Again, they turned to Trox.

But the timing couldn’t have been worse for the district. Its eighth elementary school, Paseo Pointe, was under construction and set to open for the 2016-17 school year, leaving the district’s technical support staff with their hands full setting up the new building with computers, phones, security cameras, SMART boards, and more. They would have little time to set up nearly 3,000 new Chromebooks and charging carts.

So Laveen ESD turned to Eric Pederson, Trox account executive, for help obtaining and setting up the devices. Pederson suggested Trox’s end-to-end White Glove service.

With this service, the Trox team unboxed the devices, built and cabled the charging carts, enrolled each device in the district domain, created asset management labels, recorded serial numbers, re-boxed the devices, populated the carts, and palletized the Chromebooks for delivery to the district’s warehouse.

In just two weeks and three days, Trox prepared 2,920 new Lenovo 11e Chromebooks and 85 Aver S40i carts.

“Troxell [Trox] had the right solution for us at the right price and has been an invaluable partner,” reported Eddie Lopez, Laveen ESD technology coordinator. “They truly provided us with out-of-the-box deployment of our Chromebooks that saved us time and money.”

To keep the process on track, Pederson consistently communicated with Laveen ESD’s technical staff and ensured that someone was always available to help. He also served as the district’s advocate by securing upgrades at no additional cost for manufacturers’ “end of life” devices. Having a supportive technology partner that delivered on time and stayed within budget was a huge plus for Laveen ESD.

“Trox's White Glove Service has been amazing,” reported Jaime Camacho, director of instructional leadership. “Their communication, flexibility and follow-through kept our Chromebook expansion project on schedule and allowed us to deliver computers to our students when they returned from spring break. That wouldn’t have been possible without Troxell [Trox].”

Ensuring its students have the tools needed to meet their learning outcomes remains the highest priority of Laveen ESD’s educators. By providing each student with their own Chromebook, teachers have moved beyond simply exposing students to technology to making it an integral part of their everyday lives.

“We applaud the technology leadership Laveen ESD has demonstrated by being a forerunner in the Chromebook 1:1 initiatives sweeping the country,” said Robert Berry, vice president of business development at Trox. “By integrating technology into the fabric of the school’s culture, students, teachers and parents all benefit tremendously.”

Clearly, today’s learners will need to work with technology, no matter what profession or path in life they ultimately choose. By working together, Laveen ESD and Trox are helping prepare them for the future.

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