Case Study
Bob Miller Middle School
Clark County, Nevada


Bob Miller Middle School transforms library into a dynamic and collaborative learning hub


Future-proofing the library from obsolescence by turning it into a collaborative space, making it the hub of the school, from community gatherings to professional training.


Trox provided top-to-bottom redesign, incorporating state-of-the-art technology and collaborative furniture, thus transforming the library into a 21st Century multi-purpose learning space.


“We found the AVer cart to be a better match for our requirements. After testing the demo model our staff saw how much easier is was to wire the AVer carts. It made our decision a no-brainer.”

The Bob Miller Middle School library sets the standard for schools and districts across the nation by offering students a space that emulates the modern workplace and fosters students’ real-life, 21st century skills.

Bob Miller Middle School is one of the top 50 schools in the country. Principals and educators from across the nation visit this school and use it as a standard by which to measure their innovation and operations. Bob Miller Middle School also serves as a demo hub for educational technology.

As befitting a leader in the education and ed tech industries, when a change in the school’s ideology came about in 2016/17, school leaders chose to redesign a common space to meet students’ needs and support the school’s new direction.

The Dream

For the modern educational landscape, the middle school needed to create a library that is more than a treasure trove of books but the intellectual core of a school. Both sanctuary and opportunity, an area to find respite from crowded halls, a gathering place for school groups and coalitions, a place for conversation, and an access point for technology; a room for solo studying, efficient group collaboration and everything in between.

It’s fitting that a library built to promote collaboration would be the result of a joint effort by several companies.

The dream of such a library could have remained no more than a fantastic idea were it not for the vision of Bob Miller Middle School’s then- Innovation and Technology Specialist, Librarian-Teacher, Scott Hensley and current Trox Account Executives Wayne Lawson and Heather Rose.

Scott, Wayne and Heather envisioned a library space that would equip students for the modern-day workplace by building collaboration, group communication, and presentation skills. With this plan in mind, Heather began to enlist the support of numerous vendors who embody Trox core values; passion and purpose to do what’s best for their customers and students and who would support the school’s ideology around collaboration and bolstering students’ professional development.

“It all started with what’s best for kids,” said Wayne “We came up with a game plan by working with teachers and interviewing students to come up with a complete and holistic design for this library.”

With considerable experience and the ability to work with any vendor or space, Trox managed the project, handled integration and installation, and helped turn the Bob Miller Middle School’s dream into reality. Support for the redefined library was remarkable. It came from multiple sources – it was a true collaboration between Trox and key partners; Spectrum Industries, Office Master and Mien, Fomcore, and many others.

In the build out, Wisconsin Bench mobile bookcases were added. Other furniture included Paragon four-leg stools and tables, Interior Concepts high adjustable tables, Mien standing height collaboration tables and curved bench seating, and Fomcore ottomans and armless loveseats.

Everything in the Bob Miller Middle School library from technology to furniture to design now supports the growth and preparation of students for success in their futures. Scott Hensley said, “It is the model that works for kids now. A model for Clark County, Nevada, and maybe the United States of what it means to have a fully integrated, 21st century library space.”

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