BuyBack Program

Turn Used Equipment into Cash and Lasting Peace of Mind

Our buyback program helps you fulfill your school's refresh cycles while protecting student data and staying on budget. We offer the most competitive buyback program for schools to upgrade their device fleet by retiring assets and welcoming new ones.

Trox makes it easy to get cash or credit for end-of-lifecycle and surplus devices, including iPads and other Apple products.

Quick Guide

Our team does everything for you:

  • Asset valuation
  • IT Hardware Packaging and removal
  • Data destruction
  • Reporting and financial settlement

Bottom line? Your students enjoy the latest technology, your budget gets a breather, and you enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re providing the best EdTech experience in the industry.

Environmental Stewardship

Lifespan Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bluum Holdings, LLC, doing business as Bluum, focuses on ITAD. Lifespan’s R2 Certification at its Dallas and Markham, Ontario facilities reflects its commitment to federal and state law compliances, environmental stewardship, and providing maximum risk mitigation on behalf of educators.

This accomplishment strengthens our position as a leader in responsible recycling services, environmental protection, and international legal compliance.

How Does The Trox Buyback Program Work?

Asset Valuation

Packaging & Removal

Secure Data Destruction

Detailed Asset Reporting

Environmentally Sound Recycling

Economic Recovery

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100% Guaranteed Data Destruction

We provide 100% guaranteed data destruction using serialized auditable reporting that meet NIST Standards. All data bearing devices are part of a secure chain of custody as they move through the data destruction process. We provide reports to support your compliance with any regulatory data security audit.

Curious about how we ensure data security and value recovery? Take a behind-the-scenes look.

Mobile Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What products are accepted?
A. Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, monitors, smartphones, tablets, printers, telephones and more. We accept a wide selection of IT equipment; however, we cannot guarantee that all models will yield an equivalent value. Quotes are based on age and condition.

Q. Can I trade in my units that don’t function?
A. Yes, absolutely. We will accept non-functioning units for recycling at a fixed rate.

Q. Can I trade in units if they have scratches and dents?
A. Units with cosmetic imperfections are accepted and we will price them accordingly.

Q. Do I need to include chargers with my assets?
A. Chargers are not required, however, including a charger will increase the trade-in value.

Q. What if I don’t know what assets I have?
A. We can create a preliminary quote based on the estimate of the assets you have given us. We can also produce a modified buyout price after audit or send someone onsite to appraise your inventory.

Q. Do I need proof of purchase before sending in my technology?
A. We trust schools. Proof of purchase is not required when participating in our Trox buyback program.

Q. Who is the Trox buyback program administrator?
A. Trox Buyback uses best-in-class IT asset disposition partners in North America. Our facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & R2 certified. We maintain a zero landfill, zero e-waste export policy and all data is sanitized using NIST/DOD standards. All assets are tracked by serialized chain-of-custody reporting.

Q. What happens with the equipment once I send it in?
A. We will grade the equipment and securely destroy the data on all units and refurbish them to make them available for the next user. Our goal is to divert as much e-waste as possible from landfills while giving everyone an equal chance to access technology for school, work and their personal lives.

Q. How is the equipment graded?

  • (A) Excellent - No noticeable issues and looks like new. No cosmetic blemishes, scratches, dents or wear on exterior casing and no display issues.
  • (B) Good - Devices are fully working, light wear and tear (Couple of light cosmetic scratches/“nicks” in plastic casing.), no etching, no display issues.
  • (C) Fair - Devices are fully working, noticeable wear and tear. Few/moderate amount of scratches/“nicks” or small cracks, dings, dents in casing. Display may have few scratches, spots or marks that do not restrict visibility.
  • (D) Poor or Non-Functional - Devices are partially working, heavy wear and tear. Deep scratches, scuffs/cracks, dings and dents in casing, Display has lines, spots, shadowing and scratches that are deep and/or restrict visibility.

Q. How do I know my data is safe?
A. All assets are subject to data wiping up to Department of Defense standards. We will also provide certificates of destruction.

Q. I have submitted a list of units to be traded in. How long will it take to receive a quote?
A. A quote will be provided within two business days.

Q. How can I package equipment to avoid damage?
A. We can supply specialized packaging that will ensure equipment is secure during transportation. The price of this packaging will be factored into the quote provided by our team.

Q. How long is the quote valid for?
A. The quote provided by our team is valid for 30 days.

Q. How will the payment be distributed?
A. Payment can be distributed as either a check or as a credit towards your next purchase from Trox.

Back to School Needs?

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Given this reality, many organizations are looking to invest in the right combination of software, hardware, furniture, and peripheral equipment to ensure people are successful, regardless of where and when they work. Trox has been providing government entities and businesses with technology solutions for nearly 40 years. We have extensive experience helping agencies design, procure, install, and maintain ecosystems that help them meet their missions.

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