Trox Asset Management

Understand asset lifecycles, respond to audits, and plan for future investment

Track assets through their entire lifecycle for improved accountability and reduced losses.

An asset management solution will help you to manage the entire lifecycle of your inventory. It will help you to save money by managing existing resources, and planning for future technology purchases.

You’ll be able to respond accurately and immediately to audit requests, and ensure you are compliant with State and Federal funding requirements.

Asset Management tailored to your needs

We have the right system for you whether you are a single campus looking for a simple and intuitive database or an enterprise level organization that requires complex integration into existing systems.

We can even offer an integrated support ticketing helpdesk to track repairs on your assets.

From planning and implementation, to integration and training, we do it all.

Key Features

  • Customized reporting tools
  • Compatible with any type of asset tag
  • 100% cloud-based technology
  • Conduct real time audits - including RFID
  • Schedule important alerts
  • Track asset transfers between locations
  • Multi-level permissions and security
  • Integrated support ticketing Helpdesk

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