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The nation's leading end-to-end solutions provider for education technology and collaborative solutions.


EdTech solutions you can trust from the most knowledgeable experts in education

For over 70 years, we’ve been bringing superior EdTech products and solutions to tens of millions of students in hundreds of thousands of K-12 classrooms and many higher ed institutions across the US and Canada.

Our primary focus is educational technology, both current and emerging.

Trox is the world leader in walking you through the design, purchasing, integration and installation of EdTech solutions. We turn ordinary classrooms into extraordinary, world-class learning environments. All backed by industry-leading warranties and customer support. Check out our Brand Story.

Education is in our DNA

We strive to positively impact student learning outcomes, and work within budget parameters.

Our account executives operate in all 50 states and Canada, and are continuously focused on understanding your requirements, and bringing you a diverse portfolio of name-brand EdTech products and services that are proven in the education market.

Why Trox?


Count on us, the leader in EdTech solutions for K-12, to meet your most challenging technology needs.

One Stop— Endless Solutions

Save time. Trox has all the latest, most successful solutions you need. No need for endless inquiries from multiple vendors.

Proven Partner

Trox has the experience, contacts and products you need in a long-term partnership.


After 70 years of leadership, we’re not going away. You’ll find you can count on us for the long haul.

Streamlined Purchasing

You can expect streamlined purchasing and pricing from our national, state, and local contract expertise.