Schools turn to CDI to Custom Brand their Mobile Devices

News / December 7, 2017

Schools turn to CDI to Custom Brand their Mobile Devices

CDI’s UV printing technology adds logos, school colors, or mascots to devices to deter theft and promote school spirit

As part of its ongoing efforts to support schools’ technology initiatives and 1:1 device programs, CDI Computer Dealers uses UV printing technology to add school logos, colors, mascots, or other customized designs to Chromebooks, notebooks or mobile charging carts. More than 1,000 schools to date have used CDI’s Custom Branding service and they report that branding their devices has helped to reduce breakage, theft, damage and misuse of the devices and has increased their students’ sense of ownership and pride.

“The custom logo branding adds a quality flare to the Chromebooks, but it accomplishes much more than just a great look,” said Tara Taylor, who works in the technical service department at the Beacon Academy of Nevada. “The reminder that this is school property encourages better treatment of the equipment and we have seen a higher return rate of take-home machines. There is also the added bonus of increased name recognition and being able to change the branding for easy grouping.”

CDI designers work directly with schools to create customized designs for their devices. CDI then uses UV printing – a form of digital printing that uses ultraviolet light to dry the ink as it’s printed – to create high-quality images that adhere to virtually any surface. CDI also offers custom skins, protective cases, asset tags, magnets, and decals for Chromebooks, notebooks and CDI’s mobiLAB® charging carts.

CDI has deployed devices to more than 10,000 schools serving 2.6 million students. In addition to the Custom Branding service, CDI also provides schools with new and recertified equipment, mobile charging carts and cabinets, classroom accessories, and server and networking solutions. CDI is a Google Education Partner. It supports schools with Chromebook installations and app bundles, needs assessments, RFP assistance, and professional development.

“Custom-branded devices are immediately recognized as belonging to the school. Similar to how students wear custom letter jackets to show pride for their school sports team or activities, they also appreciate and take better care of their devices when they are customized with logos or mascots,” said Glenn Collins, vice president of mobile computing at CDI.

“We pride ourselves on supporting schools with every aspect of their technology initiatives and 1:1 roll outs. Our Custom Branding service helps schools with asset identification and maintenance, while giving students a sense of ownership in their schools.”

– Glenn Collins, vice president of mobile computing at CDI