Changing the fate of over 200,000 computers to redeploy them into classrooms

News / March 11, 2016

What could have ended up in the landfills is now being used to deliver digital learning to half a million students.

In 2015, CDI, an I.T. refurbishing company retrieved over 200,000 business class desktops and notebooks from office environments to deploy them into school districts and higher education institutions in North America. These computers arrived at CDI facilities to undergo a rigorous re-certification process before being shipped into classrooms to be used for at least three more years.

With an exclusive commitment to Education, the refurbishing giant has focused on providing budget-friendly, quality technology to schools along with comprehensive warranties. In the last ten years, CDI has deployed over 1.9 million recertified computers, notebooks, tablets and Chromebooks into K-12 and Higher Education giving millions of students access to technology that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Company’s CEO Mr. Saar Pikar said: “Only 15% of all unwanted computers are recycled, and an even lower percentage is reused. The vast majority goes to landfills.” This year CDI will reach over 2,000 educational institutions while continuing to divert computer hardware from landfills. “Through our refurbished product line we create exceptional value for our Education customers who are always looking for ways to put more devices into the hands of students for the same budget”, Saar concluded.

Source: PRWEB